Research for stronger health systems during and after crisis

Emerging themes from ReBUILD's research on post-conflict health systems 

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Conflict continues to affect the lives and health of huge numbers of the world’s poorest people. Health systems are severely affected by conflict. Conflict creates change and disrupts the balance and relationships between the supply of health care services and their ability to meet the health needs and demands of the population essential for a health system to work effectively.

As recovery from conflict or crisis begins, so should the process of rebuilding health systems. However, relatively little is known about the real effectiveness of different approaches to health systems strengthening in these settings.

The ReBUILD Consortium is an international research partnership funded by the UK Department for International Development which has been working since 2011 to support improved access of the poor to effective health care and reduced health costs burdens, through the production and uptake of a coherent body of high quality, policy-relevant new research on health systems financing, human resources for health, and aid-architecture in post-conflict countries.

Find out more about some of the post-conflict health systems themes emerging from ReBUILD’s work, about the research projects which have informed these themes, and about the partners who make up the ReBUILD Consortium.

Learn more about ReBUILD’s work by watching the full video animation including themes.

UHC in Emergencies – WHA71 official event.

Follow sections of this event live on 21st May 11.30-13.00 BST through our Periscope TV channel.

ReBUILD is delighted to be part of this official side event at the 71st World Health Assembly addressing challenges which our research activities have been trying to help inform.

Tim Martineau will represent ReBUILD on an expert panel, alongside representatives from the WHO, World Bank and the IFRC, following country experiences a number of fragile or conflict-affected settings.

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