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In countries affected by conflict health systems often break down, and emergency assistance is often the main source of care. As recovery begins so should the process of rebuilding health systems. However, in practice not enough is known about the effectiveness of different approaches to health systems strengthening.

The ReBUILD Consortium is an international research partnership working for improved access of the poor to effective health care and reduced health costs burdens, through the production and uptake of a coherent body of high quality, policy-relevant new research on health systems financing and human resources for health in post-conflict countries. ReBUILD is led in the UK by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, working with partner research organisations in Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zimbabwe. ReBUILD is funded by the UK Department for International Development.

 What we do

ReBUILD's research and communication activities, focusing on health systems financing and human resources for health, both contributes to the body of evidence on health system strengthening in post conflict settings, and supports its uptake for evidence-based policy and practice for equitable, resilient and responsive post-conflict health systems within and beyond our partner countries. Read more

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ReBUILD in the news

ReBUILD's research in Uganda, led by our team at Makerere University School of Public Health, featured on UBC TV news recently.

In this short video , lead researcher Dr. Sarah Ssali talks about the change in household health expenditure in northern Uganda, before, during and after the long conflict in the region.



ReBUILD's research

ReBUILD's core work is focused on three main areas of health systems research in post-conflict settings.

This work has expanded into some additional research themes, including through our Affiliate research partners

Read more on our research themes here and access resources from this research here.

In this short video, Research Director Tim Martineau gives an overview of ReBUILD's work.