Research for stronger health systems during and after crisis

Capacity building

Capacity building for all ReBUILD partners has been a core activity of the Consortium. The overall aim has been to develop partner, affiliate and key stakeholders’ capacity to conduct and/or use quality ethical research on health systems in post conflict and fragile contexts. We want to redress the neglect of health systems research in fragile contexts and leave a legacy of experienced health systems researchers who are able to play an effective role in improved national capacity for production and uptake of robust research evidence for building equitable post-conflict health systems.

Many of our capacity building activities have been supported through a capacity building fund, to which all ReBUILD partners can apply for the capacity building activities at individual, organisational or environmental levels.

 You can read some blogs below, on some of the ways our partners have used ReBUILD’s capacity building fund in support of these aims.

Wilson Mashange on embarking on his MPH degree

Justine Namakula on support for developing research skills relating to her PhD.

Haja Wurie on the learning opportunity of presenting her own research and gaining from others’ experience at the 2014 African Health Economics Association Conference.

Freddie Ssengooba – an old dog learning the new trick of Social Network Analysis