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Symposium: Moving from Humanitarian to Development Aid

African women and children with bags and buckets marked 'UNHCR'


Title: Moving from Humanitarian to Development aid: East African symposium on aid effectiveness and health systems development

Date: 15th-16th August 2018

Location: Serena Hotel, Kampala, Uganda

Details: Post-conflict settings present unique opportunities to build health systems despite complex transitions from short-term humanitarian assistance (“emergency relief”) programming to longer-term “development assistance”. Coordination of the multitude actors during the transition may pose challenges and missed opportunities to health systems development.

In the recent past, several conferences, symposia and meetings have been held to focus on health in fragile states including conflict settings in Africa. What seems to be missing in all of these is a firm focus on rebuilding health systems. Health systems contribute to the social security and safety net that are key to peace and development programming.

The ReBUILD Consortium, with seed support from DFID, is organising a symposium on aid effectiveness in post conflict settings in the East African region with the objectives to:

  • Advance the dialogue on aid transitions from relief to development with particular focus on aid flows, programme designs and building capacity for health systems.

  • Create regional visibility and engagements aimed at improving longer-term programming for health system improvements in post conflict settings.

  • Build linkages within regional and global development agencies to improve collaboration, learning and programme designs and adaptions to enhance results and accelerate progress for health and well-being post conflict communities.

For those interested, the symposium will also offer skills building session on Apply Social Network Analysis (SNA) in the assessment of aid flows and effectiveness drawing from the work of the ReBUILD Consortium.

Organising partners: Makerere University School of Public Health and the ReBUILD Research Programme

Further information: Registration and other details can be found on the Makerere University website

Download the Symposium flyer: at this link.