Research for stronger health systems during and after crisis


Assessing Aid Effectiveness: a case study of post-conflict northern Uganda
Building Back Better - Gender and post-conflict health systems
Building gender responsive health systems in post conflict contexts: Opportunities and challenges
Can donors really build institutions? Reflections on recent health sector experiences in Sierra Leone
Capacity building in post conflict settings
Contracting in conflict affected settings: evidence from Cambodia
Etat des connaissances sur le renforcement des systèmes de santé dans les contextes fragiles
Evidence for supporting a health workforce for all in Sierra Leone
Financial incentives for human resources for health: What do we know? What do we do? The case of Sierra Leone
Gender and health ReBUILD themes
Health financing and UHC - what's gender got to do with it?
Health financing in fragile and conflict affected settings
Health financing in post conflict settings
Health systems in conflict affected states
Health Systems in post conflict settings
Health systems in post conflict settings - are they different from other low and middle income countries?
Health systems in post-conflict states - Learning from the ReBUILD programme
Health Systems in Situations of Fragility
Health worker incentive environments during and postconflict
Health workforce recruitment and financing – selected issues for consideration
How to promote a resilient health workforce in conflict affected settings - insights from four countries
Human Resources for Health in Post-Conflict settings - Findings from ReBUILD research
Human Resources in Fragile and Conflict-Affected settings - cross sectoral issues between health and education
Introducing the issues in the health systems stream from an IPASC perspective
Investigating health workers remuneration in Sierra Leone - preliminary results and reflections on methods
Investigating results-based financing as a tool for strategic purchasing: comparing the cases of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe and Uganda
Obstetric Referral in the Cambodian Health System - What Works?
Performance-Based Financing in the context of the ‘complex remuneration’ of Health Workers - Findings from a mixed-methods study in rural Sierra Leone
ReBUILD presents: How can we help?
Research on health worker policies, incentives and retention in post-conflict countries: an overview of ReBUILD work
The bumpy trajectory of performance-based financing in Sierra Leone: agency, structure and frames shaping the policy process
The Challenges and Opportunities of Building Pro-poor Gender Equitable Health Systems in Fragile and Conflict-affected Contexts: Human Resources for Health
The changing health care needs of communities and health system responses in fragile settings
The impacts of conflict on access to health care: missing generation and disability in Cambodia
Using life histories to understand and support health systems and their resilience