Research for stronger health systems during and after crisis

Human Resources for Health in Post Conflict Settings - A Literature Review

Olivia Tulloch, Joanna Raven and Tim Martineau – Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK


The World Health Organization states that it is crucial to understand the importance of human resources (HR) development in achieving health sector redevelopment in postconflict settings . This scoping review was carried out in the first year of the ReBUILD project2 to identify the current knowledge about human resources for health (HRH) in postconflict settings. The first section presents features commonly found in the period immediately after the end of a conflict and describes them according to the impact they have on public sector generally and more specifically on health. The second section describes how the health workforce may be affected in the post-conflict settings in terms of numbers of and distribution of health workers, their capacity and their performance. The third section on HR strategies and interventions is guided by the human resources for health action framework using illustrative examples from the post-conflict  literature.


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